The Warren Court, A Proud Legacy of Alameda County

Chief Justice Earl Warren began his legal career in Alameda County. The Warren Court, as the Supreme Court of the United States was known from 1953 until 196, is considered the most liberal supreme court in United States history. It is renown for speaking for the powerless and oppressed in cases such Brown v. Board of Education of Topeka (1964), rejecting school segregation, and the eponymous Miranda v. Arizona (Miranda warnings). Justice Earl Warren was a first generation American of Norwegian descent. He earned his batchelors and law degrees at the University of California, Berkeley. As District Attorney of Alameda Count from 1925 until 1939, he was known for hard work, honesty, and corruption-busting. His name is inscribed on the cornerstone of the Alameda County Courthouse in Oakland, since it was built during his tenure as District Attorney.

Alameda County Courthouse, Oakland, CA
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